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There are many people who, for study or work reasons, manage to carve out time for training in the evening and not at other times of the day. The question that is often asked is whether to practice physical activity before going to sleep is indicated or not.

In fact, the most suitable time to do sport depends on our lifestyle and our daily rhythms: you can not indicate an ideal time slot that suits everyone. There are people who just wake up in the morning have energy to spend and there are others who prefer to practice sports in the evening to get away from the body and mind the fatigue of the day, taking advantage of the gym open 24 hours a day under the house. The time slot for training depends, above all, on life habits.

The body is habitual, if you establish a custom of training (because, for example, you always train at the same time) will be able to adapt and respond to the best. It must be said that the full life we lead, family commitments, work that is carried out more and more frequently on shifts, are all factors that leave no choice to many people: either you train in the evening or you do not train.

In short, physical exercise is done when you have the opportunity to do it: in this article we will try to understand what are the advantages of evening training.

Training in the Evening? It has It’s Reasons!

In the morning the body is full of energy and therefore can give the best of itself from the point of view of performance but also training in the evening can bring great benefits to our body. Body temperature, in fact, varies according to the time of day: it is at least two to three hours before waking up and is higher in the late afternoon. Various studies have shown that physical performance is better when the body temperature is higher, which is why training in the evening can be a good idea.

Other good reasons for training in the evening might be that evening sports:

  • helps to relax after a long day;
  • helps to relieve stress;
  • regulates appetite and stabilizes weight.

Evening training is ideal for all those who do sedentary work. However, there are a few precautions to follow: since sport is an exciting (stimulates adrenaline and other hormones), to sleep peacefully the advice is to lie down a couple of hours after the end of training. It is better to opt for endurance exercises, always practice stretching at the end of the session and hydrate regularly.

Evening training is ideal for increasing muscle mass.

The results of some studies conducted by Australian researchers on young athletes have, then, highlighted that evening training is related to muscle growth. The research involved 30 bodybuilders, half of them were asked to train in the morning, the other half to train in the evening. The best results were achieved by the bodybuilders of the second group. The researchers analyzed testosterone and cortisol levels before, during and after training and concluded that, with regard to bodybuilding, the best time to perform the exercises is in the evening, when the relationship between anabolic hormone and catabolic hormone favors more anabolism. If the goal is to increase muscle mass in the evening then it is the right time to exercise.

What To Eat Before Evening Workout In The Gym

A good training program must, however, be supported by a healthy and balanced diet, but what to eat before the gym? If you train in the evening it is better to have a light meal and avoid binges before going to bed. When you start exercising after 20:00 you should have eaten a couple of hours before, preferring foods such as carbohydrate fruit, at the end of the workout you can have a snack with a fruit or a cereal bar. Dried fruit, on the other hand, is the right snack after a run. In any case, you should never forget to make up for the loss of liquids by drinking water, green tea, grapefruit or pineapple juice.

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