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The gyms business is registering a strong growth: according to the latest picture of the sector there are about 12 thousand open in Italy, frequented by almost 6 million users, a figure second only to that of visitors to bars and pizzerias. If opening a sports center is your dream, this is the right time. Starting a gym, in fact, means creating a real business activity and to open a sports center is not necessary to be a fitness instructor, but they serve no doubt:

  • passion for sport,
  • a proper motivation,
  • the ability to relate to people.

The common characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, i.e. their administrative and marketing skills, are also indispensable.

Before starting any business it is necessary, in fact, to study precisely a plan in which the characteristics of the business project are summarized, to be used for the planning and management of the business. The business plan for the gym, in fact, like that studied for other activities, must be supported by a feasibility analysis: it is a set of data useful to trace the guidelines of the new company.

What Should A Business Plan For The Gym Contain?

The business plan for the gym is therefore a very useful tool for the entrepreneur, because it allows him to consciously evaluate both the strengths of the project and those of weakness. We can define this document as a vademecum to be referred to in order to correctly manage the company, it being understood that it can be modified and updated following the acquisition of new data.

The business plan is also a useful document for:

  • present the project to possible financiers;
  • access to public funding;
  • access to bank credit.

It must therefore be drawn up taking into account all the useful data for the purpose sought. For an access to credit you will need, therefore:

  • the description of the company you want to start;
  • a broad description of the investment project;
  • a market analysis that includes an indication of the competition, strengths and weaknesses of the market;
  • sales and commercial objectives;
  • the marketing and advertising plan to be implemented;
  • the technical feasibility of the project, the necessary installations and their cost;
  • an economic feasibility plan;
  • forecasts of profitability of the investment;
  • a time plan for the development of the company.

How To Draw Up A Perfect Business Plan For The Gym

It is clear that the business plan must be drawn up as specifically as possible, referring to real data that can be useful for starting up and managing the business.

If you don’t have any kind of business experience, the franchising formula is now one of the best opportunities to use to open your gym. In return for the payment of a free entry that can be calculated according to your possibilities, the franchise offers you a “turnkey” solution and allows you to easily follow all the steps leading to the opening of your new business. Thanks to the continuous assistance of the parent company, you will be supported both in the start-up and in the management of the company, starting from the correct preparation of a business plan designed according to your objectives and your needs.

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