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With the passing of time, the conversion of a gym becomes a necessary step to make the activity survive. If once a fitness center was only a space where to follow group courses and do exercises with the help of machines and instructors, today things have changed a lot: the customers of fitness clubs are more demanding and expect a lot from the structure they attend. Such as finding everything that is fashionable, from courses to machinery to services. In order to meet the needs of customers you must therefore always be in step with the times, understand what is trendy and what could be. If the business is going through a crisis, it is not enough to buy technological equipment. A real restyling must be put in place that also includes a new rethinking of the spaces and the image of the club.

The variables at stake are many: users expect modern, technological fitness centers, where there is room for training. The environment must also meet specific aesthetic criteria because a comfortable place predisposes to a good mood and makes users want to meet in “their” gym. The concept of a fitness centre goes beyond the simple place where you train: it is also a place where you can socialize and spend your free time enjoying moments of relaxation.

Reconverting a Gym by Rejuvenating its Surroundings

The renewal of the spaces is an operation that should be carried out with a certain periodicity, with the aim of attracting new customers and surprising the old ones.

The Reception

The first area where it is necessary to intervene is the reception area and that is where you welcome customers. This is the club’s business card and improving this space also means improving customer flows. You can change the appearance by giving light and freshness with new furniture and reorganizing the counter, the commercial area and the waiting area.

The Lounge Area

According to the latest trends, this area must also be an attractive place from the point of view of image and furnished in such a way that users can stop and relax. It is therefore advisable to provide a bar or vending machines, from tables with comfortable chairs or sofas where you can eat healthy food and in line with the needs of sportsmen.

Course Room

Course rooms also need to be made more modern and attractive. New light can be given to the rooms with a few interventions, but studied with care. By simply changing the colour of the walls, the flooring and modifying the lighting points, a different effect can be obtained.

Weight Room

Another trend at the moment is to equip the weight rooms with video projectors from which virtual training courses can be transmitted. For customers the possibility to follow virtual courses is a welcome innovation, also connected to a new flexibility of schedules, for the entrepreneur are, however, a way to reduce management costs and also those related to the presence of instructors. Virtual courses offer the possibility of training even at unconventional times, perhaps at night, without the physical presence of the instructor as happens in the gym open 24 hours a day.

The equipment room must be furnished with the latest generation of machinery that allows you to monitor performance and train independently. Here too, an interior design project can be useful to redefine the spaces, renewing them at the same time: fixed or mobile furnishings, walls, cladding and colours can be useful to divide the spaces in a functional way according to the type of workout to be carried out.

The club can of course not miss the Wi-Fi connection, useful for multimedia training programs, but also to allow members to take some selfie and advertise the structure. The extra idea? Provide the lounge or lounge area with USB ports to charge electronic devices.

Always Keep Your Customers’ Needs in Mind

Women and men have different needs and this should be considered when considering a reconversion of the gym. Women want to attend a beautiful, clean, elegant environment, where everything is taken care of. The parking lot, for example, should be equipped with video surveillance to make them feel safer, while in the locker rooms should not lack large lockers, large mirrors, hair dryer.

For men the same applies more or less the same, but with the necessary variables: everything must be functional to the maximum. Sometimes it’s a matter of small tricks, details that, however, can make the difference between an excellent service and one that is not perceived as such.

Converting a Gym With a Franchise

For the operator of a gymnasium the choice to join a fitness franchise may be the best solution to carry out the conversion of its gym at reasonable costs.

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