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Doing sport is good for your health and also helps to keep your weight under control. If your goal is to lose weight and have a toned muscle mass, you need to follow a targeted training program that will help you achieve this goal.

You can’t do a general workout thinking that this is enough to make you lose weight, you have to work on your muscles with exercises in the gym to lose weight well defined, which also allow you to have toned and elastic tissues.

Here Are the Exercises in the Gym to Lose Weight

The best thing you can do is to contact a personal trainer who prepares for you a training card with exercises tailored to your body, aimed at achieving the results you have set. In this way you can engage in exercises in the gym to slim down more suited to your body. Let’s see together which are the most common:

  1. the circuit – this type of training includes cardio, abdominal and movements such as squats and sinks to tone the buttocks. This involves all muscle groups and keeps your heart rate high, which is essential if you want to lose weight;
  2. Weights and cardio – to lose weight faster you can start using weights, just a half-hour session before a cardio workout, according to researchers in this way you can eliminate about 40% more fat;
  3. sinks – if the fat mass is concentrated on the legs the muscle exercises must focus on this part of the body, with sinks involve muscles such as the quadriceps that make burn much more than the muscles of the arms. To have perfect legs and buttocks you can increase the coefficient of fatigue by using weights when making lunges;
  4. Rope jumping – an exercise that burns a lot, involves all the muscles of the body and is an excellent cardio workout;
  5. The elliptical – is a machine that is located in the gym, unlike the treadmill allows you to train all the muscles of the body;
  6. Spinning – burns up to 500 calories per lesson, ideal for eliminating excess fat;
  7. Balancing and medical ball stakes – Balancing and medical ball stakes allow you to involve the main muscle groups of legs, arms and abdomen, the same applies to squats performed with medical ball;
  8. Aerobics – is an activity that allows you to perform many exercises to the rhythm of music;
  9. Crossfit – high intensity functional training allows you to burn even at the end of the exercise section.

Exercises In The Gym To Lose Weight: Which One To Choose For Your Goal

We are all different people and not all of us have the same goal: some train to tone up, some to lose weight, some to define specific body parts. Then there are those who love to move to the rhythm of music and those who prefer silence for greater concentration.

The most suitable training for your needs comes from a combination of all these factors and the advice of an expert can therefore be very useful to find the exercise session that best suits your needs. In any case, it is good to specify that in order to obtain results you must train with constancy, determination and follow a balanced diet.

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