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The practice of yoga is now very widespread, more and more people are in fact approaching this discipline alongside other sporting activities. It is certainly not a fashion, yoga has very ancient origins. It was born, in fact, in India about 5 thousand years ago, as a philosophy of life able to reach those who practice it a greater awareness of themselves, greater strength of mind and, in general, a physical and emotional well-being.

What are the Benefits of Yoga?

The practice of yoga has numerous beneficial effects:

  1. the asanas are performed by coordinating breathing, the body detoxifies because thanks to this association the internal organs eliminate toxins;
  2. helps to fight anxiety and depression, meditation and breathing give emotional balance and therefore help to manage fears;
  3. allows you to lose weight because the digestive system benefits from the mix of physical and mental exercises;
  4. you can learn relaxation techniques very useful for those suffering from insomnia;
  5. One of the most well-known benefits of yoga is undoubtedly the disappearance of back pain and headaches;
  6. improves the health of the cardiovascular system since the regular practice of yoga lowers the heartbeat and heart and blood pressure;
  7. increases body flexibility, the musculature is stronger, thus improving sports performance and preventing the birth of injuries at the muscle level.

If practiced consistently, the benefits of yoga are considerable: it helps to maintain health, can alleviate or eliminate joint pain, prevents diseases resulting from body imbalance and mentally gives greater clarity and balances emotions. The body is also more toned and flexible and increases vital energy. But in order to obtain benefits it is necessary to commit oneself and practice this discipline with constancy.

The Benefits of Yoga can be Seen in Regular Practice

Yoga is a millenary discipline that involves all our senses, our body, posture, breath, and is a discipline imbued with spirituality based on Ayurvedic symphony that contemplates yoga as a lifestyle. In these terms, therefore, yoga resembles a universe that involves the person in the depths, incorporating and “freeing” him from his inner illnesses. The yoga that we practice today in our gyms, however, is different from the original oriental discipline, because it has gradually adapted to the needs of the life of Westerners increasingly crushed by stress and in need of a remedy that would cure them from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

This is one of the reasons why there are different types of Yoga: you can choose to practice a more relaxing yoga, one more energetic and physically exhausting, one more spiritual. Postural yoga also exists. Doing yoga therefore means not only learning to take certain positions (called asanas), but also practicing breathing exercises and learning to do meditation.

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