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Fitness is one of the sectors that has been less affected by the economic crisis of recent years so if you have decided to open your own sports center you should know that by taking the right steps you can successfully start a profitable business that will allow you to achieve not only economically, but also on a personal and professional level.

The sector is very competitive, but there are excellent opportunities to enter this ever-growing and constantly evolving market. The secret lies in defining the peculiarities of your gym: for example, you can decide to follow the trends of the moment by offering the most popular courses and disciplines, or cut out a space by precisely outlining the target of your customers.

If you don’t know what it takes to open a gym in practice, you don’t have to worry: you can always understand how to open a franchise by taking advantage of the experience of those who took this step before you and did it successfully.

What it Takes to Open a Gym: the Case of Anytime Fitness

Opening a gym is really easy: just start a franchise with Anytime Fitness, one of the most famous brands in the world in the fitness industry. This brand was born in 2002 in the USA and over the years has proven to be a winning franchise model. The figures speak for themselves: all over the world more than 3800 affiliated clubs have been opened, on average 2 per day, members have exceeded 3 million and every 2 seconds a new user joins a gym on the circuit Anytime Fitness. The secret of such success? An innovative 24-hour gym model and comfortable, flexible franchising conditions with reasonable starting prices.

Opening a franchise with Anytime Fitness means making a safe investment, not only because the model works, but because affiliates are never left alone and are followed by the parent company step by step from the choice of premises to daily management.

What it Takes to Open a Gym: Motivation

You have always worked as an employee and you have never run a gym, maybe you are not even part of the world of sport. No problem! You should know that 90% of the current Anytime Fitness affiliates had no experience in the field, yet today they run successful gyms and many of them have opened even more than one.

You, like them, can make your dream come true if you’re really motivated and want to give yourself a chance at a better life where you manage yourself and your job.

By opening a gym affiliated to the Anytime Fitness circuit, you can enjoy a number of benefits:

  • conditions for the franchisee elastic and at reasonable prices:
  • 24-hour assistance from the parent company;
  • help in the choice of premises and furnishings;
  • continuous training for you and your staff;
  • IT support for the practical management of the center.

You also have the opportunity to take advantage of the fortune of a well-known and established brand that already has a well-defined target clientele. Discover all the advantages of the gyms and give yourself a better future!

Dean Mosby

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Dean Mosby

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