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Setting up your own business is the dream of all those who wish to abandon their role as employees to become entrepreneurs: if you are considering this option you will have realized that this is a big step that can radically change the quality of your life. Responsibilities, risks, but also satisfaction and, why not, earnings increase, as long as you make the right choices.

The best way to start your business without having a previous experience is to open a franchise: by paying an initial entry you can join a parent company that offers benefits and assistance to help you launch a successful business. Of course not all franchises are at the same level, if you have to choose a brand to affiliate with is better to focus on the best in the industry, such as Anytime Fitness in case you want to open a gym.

How To Open A Franchise In The Fitness Industry?

Most Anytime Fitness affiliates had no experience in the fitness industry before opening their own sports center and many of them have managed to open even more than one gym. How did they do it? Thanks to the advantageous conditions and franchise organization of Anytime Fitness. But it has to be said that they also focused on the right sector: fitness. The data that emerged in 2017 from the annual study “European Health & Fitness Market Report” conducted on European fitness clubs by EuropeActive and Deloitte photograph a still growing market despite the unfavourable economic moment that has affected the countries of the old continent.

In 2016, 56.4 million people registered for sports centers, an increase of +4.4 percentage points compared to 2015. 22.5% of Europeans (12.7 million members) chose to attend a sports center of the 30 largest operators and the first 10 of them recorded an increase in their turnover of 12.2% which translated into money is around 3 billion euros. In Italy, the growth of gym members in 2016 compared to the previous year was 5,250,000 people or +2.9%. Europeans and Italians therefore spend on their well-being and focus on fitness as an investment in their health. The study also showed that the growth of the fitness sector in 2016 is also due to the increase in clubs following mergers or acquisitions.

Why Open A Franchise Despite The Economic Crisis

The data are not opinions, but they contain certain facts. Opening a franchised gym in the fitness sector in our country and in Europe is worthwhile: in 2016, with a turnover of 26.3 billion euros, the old continent was the first fitness market in the world, even surpassing the United States. For the operators of the sector, the economic advantages have not been indifferent: the total revenues were equal to 3.1% more than in 2015. Opening a franchise in the fitness sector is therefore worthwhile, provided that you choose to open a sports club with a well-known brand. People have in fact shown that they prefer the big brands considering them more reliable and better organized.

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Dean Mosby

When you start a business in some direct area, you should know about it’s as much best as you can. And if your choice is on sport business, we can help you with it. Fitness tips, business sport tips and diet advices here will help you alot in your beginnings. Good luck!